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Icons featuring the 11th Doctor - Matt Smith
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With an increasing interest in Matt Smith and his 11th Doctor (On screens 2010), we thought it would be an idea to have a specific community for icons.

No more than three teasers outside of a cut.

This community is for icons, any other creations are not for here.

Please no promotion of other communities without seeking permission from the mod first.

At the present moment there is no restriction to how many posts you can make within a time frame, this may change in the future.

Teasers should be behind a cut with a warning. While we're all excited for a new series, not everyone enjoys spoilers as much as you may. Any icons made from pictures of filming, or a future episode should give a warning.

If the icon is from a filming day, but whilst filming is not happening this is not considered a spoiler.

Icons of actors who have appeared in the current Eleventh Doctor era, in their Doctor Who or any other role, are welcome here.

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